Universal Laws – A Daily Practice

By on May 31, 2011

We are all governed by Laws of the Universe. Understanding these very basic keys to the Universe will help us to live life in ease and grace. As a weekly focus, learn one law and practice its key message, to gain mastery over it. Join me weekly for a new Universal Law with discussion and inspiration.

Spiritual Study of the Laws of the  Universe

Introduction: When I was in my early teen years, I had this impending sense that the world ran by some sort of laws and that if I could just learn what they are, my life on this planet would become easy and prosperous. I remember searching for these laws  pre-internet and only through  books that were in a library or in my small town bookstore which did not have much in the “spiritual” section. What did attract my attention, where the books on etiquette, books on culture and books on how to control my thinking. It was a very good place to start my journey into the spiritual world.

At the same time, I was curious about the magic of the world and I thought that if I could just learn about the world of the wizard, learn about how chemistry and physics work, I would hold a very important key to the world. I read books about the days of King Arthur, complete with Merlin and the Ladies of the Avalon sect. I wanted to know about spells and potions and how to manipulate and manifest. I believed I had the power at hand to create, to create what, I did not know, but to create something in this plane, yes indeed!  My curiosity was satisfied to some degree when I learnt about astrology and numerology and the power that was held in the celestial world. I was satisfied somewhat, when I learnt about nature medicines and herbology and how I could ‘heal thy self’ using only plant and natural materials and through the power of energy I held in my very own hands. But it wasn’t until much later in my adult life, when I discovered the world of the Universal Laws, that it all came together for me and I realized that I did indeed, finally hold the keys to the Universe.

In this blog, I present to you these particular keys – The Laws of the Universe. Simply set down here, for you to read, understand and practice, one at a time, one per week, for you to focus on and integrate into your very own life. May you join me on this journey of the very basics of humanity and discover the very laws that govern this “Game of Life”, so that we may play it fully and in ever increasing perfection. For it is through these very basic laws, that we are given our own chance to create our “Heaven on Earth”, as we have been promised, can exist for each and every one of us.


Motivation: It is a time for change. Now that we have come to the point of the New World awakening (December 21, 2012), the energy has changed for this planet and it is time for us to step into this new paradigm and take an active part. It is now a time to wake up and start a relationship with the Universe. It is a time for us to understand and follow the rules of the Universe so that we can participate fully and give the contribution we have come here to share. It is time to clear our hearts of discontent and to open them to each other in and through the energy of real and perfect love. The Universe has moved into the energy of this great change, it is now time for us as the guardians of this planet to awake and become participants in this significant new world time of a higher dimension of human consciousness.

By following the very basics of the Universal Laws, we are empowered as evolutionary human beings to create the highest ideal here on this Earth. We become one with all that is – nature, Spirit and each other. We experience joy and happiness and a sense of purpose in our living. We follow our own guidance system and feel confident in our choices and contributions to serving humanity and the Universe. We cooperate and empower others and our feeling of oneness ignites our heart center and we live in trust, compassion and real love. Letting go of our ego desires, we come to live in and through the Divine. These are the Laws – the rules of the game, that gets us there…I invite you to choose to follow them and reap the rewards the New World consciousness is bringing to us now!


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