Time Acceleration

By on August 10, 2011

Acceleration of Time:

Have you noticed that, in the last few years, time is accelerating to such a speed, that feeling overwhelmed and at a loss to keep up is becoming the new norm? Do you wonder when it will all stop, so you can get a “breather” or do you crave for the simpler times that you remember as a child growing up in the 60s and 70’s, or even the 80s? Maybe understanding what the energy is in our universe right now will help you to know why you are feeling this way and accept the process more readily. For if you know and understand you can experience more fully.


Mayan beliefs were created in reflection to 9 levels of evolution. Each of these time spaces hold a wave of human evolution. It began over 16 billion years ago with the first level representing the initialization of “matter” and the resulting consciousness being “cellular”. It progresses along to the second level that began around 819,998,000 BC which represents the initialization of “complex life” and the resulting consciousness being “individual”. On the third level (40,998,000BC) the initialization of “monkeys” and the consciousness of “family” resulted. Fourth level (2,048,000 BC) brings about “human beings” and the consciousness of “tribe”. Fifth level (100.500 BC) is “spoken language” and “culture”. Sixth level (June 16, 3115 BC) is “writing” and “national” consciousness. Seventh (1755 AD) is “industrialism” and “planetary” consciousness. Eighth (January 5, 1999) is “technology revolution” and “galactic” consciousness. And the last and final level (March 9, 2011) nine is initiation is “transformation” with the resulting state of consciousness being “cosmic”. What I want to bring attention to is the shortening of the time lines that each initiation had to evolve.

 Levels of Evolution

Level Time Line Initiation Consciousness
9 March 9, 2011 – October 28, 2011 Transformation Cosmic
8 January 5, 1999 Technology Revolution Galactic
7 1755 AD Industrialism Planetary
6 June 16, 3115 BC Writing National
5 100,500 BC Spoken Language Culture
4 2,048,000 BC Human Beings Tribe
3 40,998,000 BC Monkeys Family
2 819,998,000 BC Complex Life Individual Cells
1 16 Billion Years ago Matter Cellular

 My theory is this…since January 5, 1999, we entered into the eight level that brought us technology and galactic consciousness. We had 4680 days (almost 13 years) to process this state of consciousness. It quickened our responses and got us accustomed to learning & processing quicker and seeing things more readily. Making us aware of where we are placing our attention and having us to choose what is important to accomplish in order to prepare us for the next and last 9th level, which also has a quicker time acceleration of processing. In reflection, we can see that during these 13 years there was a lot of new inventions and changes in the world.

Within each of these 9 levels of evolution, there are 13 additional processes of creation that we change through. In the time frame of the eighth level, we had 360 days (almost a year) to process one phase of each of the 13 processes of creation. OnMarch 9, 2011, we entered into a new level where the process time became only 20 days. What we had one year to learn & process before, we are now being asked to learn in just 3 weeks! Each process has a different focus and compounds onto the next causing a great intensity and perhaps overwhelm and uneasiness if we are not processing and “working” to clear this stuff. Even if you have been clearing your own stuff in the past, old stuff may be resurfacing, asking to make its final appearance and to be dealt with once and for all. We also hold theDNAof our cultural and collective issues that also need to be cleared and those that are awake now, are being asked to process those for our universe.

The 13 processes of creation:

Seven days (light) and six nights (dark).

Days: light, positive, expansive & progressive. Consolation.

Nights: dark, negative, regressive. Desolation.

1 –   Day – God (masculine) of Fire & time: seeding. March 9, 2011

2 –   Night – God of Earth: reaction. March 27

3 –   Day – Goddess (feminine) of Water: germination. April 14

4 –   Night – God of Sun & Warriors: reaction. May 2

5 –   Day – Goddess of Love & Childbirth: sprouting. May 20

6 –   Night – God of Death: reaction. June 7

7 –   Day – God of Maize: leaf formation. June 25

8 –   Night – God of Rain & War: destruction. July 13

9 –   Day – Lord of Light: budding. July 31

10 – Night – Lord of Darkness: destruction. August 18

11 – Day – Goddess of Birth: flowering. September 5

12 – Night – God before Dawn: destruction. September 23

13 – Day – Dual Creator – God/Goddess: fruition. October 11 – October 28, 2011

 This pattern also is reminiscent of the Pagan 13 cycles of the moon rituals and the Christian belief of creation in 7 days and 6 nights and in Judaism: the 7 candles of the menorrhea separated by the 6 dark spaces.

 If you are feeling intense feelings, of a negative nature especially of overwhelm and exhaustion, you are being asked do some healing work to clear karmic debts so that we can release all the old emotions we have been holding onto, in order to clear what is no longer serving our self and humanity any longer. The goal is a co-creation of a new world of unity consciousness that will come at the end of these times – at the end of a time that the Mayans predicted.

 Our responsibilities:

1/ Committing to consistently letting divine guidance, rather than our egos, decide our actions and the direction of our lives.

2/ Declaring our independence from the dark side including surrendering the right to use our own  dark side to fight the dark side in others.

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