The Heart of an Earthly Goddess

By on September 13, 2011

What is a Goddess, expressed on this earthly plain?

*A Goddess is a mature woman who takes responsibility for herself and lives her life as she desires it to be, set aside from what and how others and the world think she should live it.
*She is conscious of her wounds, but does not let them control her, knowing that her moodiness will pass and that they are just storms for the calm. She is not afraid of her emotions or even in sharing them with others.
*She is open to recieving love and what love can bring to her … a blissful and ecstatic life, knowing that true connection is through the heart center and depth of being is the gift that this human experience promises.
*Her relationship goal is one of growth and evolution with a practice of co-creating. She strives for her deepest relationships to be interdependently healthy, authentic and in service to her and her partner’s greater development and mutual empowerment.
*She supports her ‘sisters’  through inquiry and challenges them to be the best that she sees them to BE. She seeks accountability to act from her own strengths and integrity through the future she is trying to create.
*She remains open and curious to the space that is yet not known and waits patiently for the unimagined to show itself.
*She sees multiple perspectives and knows that there are many levels to this universe and many other ways to see things and is excited to discover them.
*She engages in difficult conversations in order to keep a clean and clear field which presents the opportunity for deeper connection.
*She lives from her heart space and not from her mind / mental.
She surrenders into bliss at every possible moment coming from her heart center and speaking from her core in loving-kindness with compassion and respect.
*She is love driven, nurturing, internal and seeks her beauty from within.
*She is wild, everchanging and imperfect. She knows what perfect is and knows how hard it is to achieve, yet she is willing to practice it anyways.
*She is body centered and loves her body just the way it is now, seeking pleasure and body flow because it feels good.

***She glows with Divine Radiance and lights up a room as she enters.***


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