Personal Values = Thriving Relationships

By on March 17, 2013

I was having a really nice relationship with a man I have known for 5 years. During these 5 years, we kept coming back together and then separating again, not knowing why we were attracted to each other nor why we would fall away from each other. It was in the third such event that we decided we had to get to the bottom of this, as he wanted to take our friend relationship, thus far, to a deeper level and I did not see that as happening as I did not see any depth in our relating.

It was the “Dr Demartini Value Determination Process” that gave us our answers. While processing this questionnaire together, we began to realize that we had been drawn together for a reason and what was missing was the depth not being shared through our own personal values. Once we understood each other’s values, our relationship blossomed and held us together in strength and continued depth.

The process questionnaire proceeds to ask questions on:

1 – How do you fill your personal space?

2 – How you spend your time?

3 – How you spend your energy?

4 – How you spend your money?

5 – Where do you have the most order and organization?

6 – Where are you most reliable, disciplined and focused?

7 – What do you think about and what is your most dominant thought?

8 – What do you visualize and what do your realize?

9 – What is your internal dialogue?

10 – What do you talk about in social settings?

11 – What inspires you?

12 – What are the most consistent long-term goals that you set?

And lastly – 13 – What do you love to learn about the most.

To get your own personal questionnaire, check out Dr Demartini’s website:

OR, Some people have found it very valuable to have the questionnaire executed by another person, so that they could stay focused on the process. I have created a session format where I do just that and then determine the key values for you personally. Discussion on your values also help to embody and to make it real for you.

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