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Revealing Soul through the ABCs and the 123s

123 – Numerology: Revealing Who You Really Are. (1.5 hour consultation and pre-assessment) $199.00

Are you lost as to how you will make this wondrous and magical year the best one yet?

Do you ask yourself constantly, “Why am I here and what is my life purpose”?

Have you ever wondered if life has an actual rhythm that you can “get on” and go with the flow, making life easier?

Introduction to Your Life Path Numerology and Natural Biorhythm 9 Year Cycle

Numerology is the ancient science of working with numbers, using the date of birth to determine the supposed influence on one’s life and life purpose.

Biorhythms is the science of working with your natural, cyclically recurring biological patterns of physiological and energetic states believed to affect your physical & mental states and your behavior.

Using these 2 sciences together, we will determine your Life Purpose path and the place you are presently experiencing in your own 9 year biorhythm cycle and put them together to determine your plan of action for this wondrous and magical year of 2014.From this 1.5 hour consultation, you will come away with an understanding of where you are now and define a plan of action for the year of 2014.

Get on the other side of life happening to you and Start Now, creating the life of ease and happiness you have always desired, on purpose and in the flow…


ABC – Alphabetology: Expressing Who You Really Are  (1.5 hour consultation) $99.00

Do you desire to reshape your life into one that is free from judgment, both of yourself and others, releasing and blessing your past?

Is it time to discard outdated thought patterns and acknowledge your authentic self at the highest level possible?

Introduction to Alphabetology through Your Signature Remodeling

The essence of the alphabet is an echo of the Universal Soul. The Alphabet has been known for centuries as a spiritual science acknowledged in countless sacred traditions.  Letters are said to contain soul qualities, that express in the world of physics through electricity and magnetism.

Writing patterns are a graphic image of the subconscious mind and how it interprets the world and your place in it. Your handwriting is an intimate portrait of how you see yourself. It is a graphic representation of collective memories programmed by your subconscious mind from birth onward. As you adopt new shapes and forms, practiced through your handwriting, you are telling your mind how to think or re-think, realigning your neurological patterns to the qualities of the altered shapes you will now be “drawing”.

By remodeling your signature, we will remove the hindrances of your past and enforce who you are really meant to express – the BEST of YOU!

“In regards to handwriting, people do not have a writing, rather, the writing has the person. We have in our hand a certain mechanical writing trait that binds us as a human being. When we change that and draw each letter, the creativity releases us from the bondage of our past and opens us up to be the BEST that we can BE.” – Donna Malchuk


Personal Values Determination (1.5 hour consultation) $99.00

You are the creator of your own destiny, what you think about and thank about – you bring about.

What you believe and what you say to yourself has a significant impact on what happens to you and what kind of life you are leading. You are writing your life script with each thought, perception and action. Know yourself, to BE yourself.

The Hierarchy of Our Values Dictates Our Destiny:   Using the Demartini Values Process, we will determine your 5 foremost values – what you think about the most and  what you innately live your life by. By determining these important factors that are running your life, you can come into congruence with what is inner to what you express in the outer, therefore giving you peace and happiness through a feeling of accomplishment in living the life you truly desire. You may be surprised!


Breema / Reiki Bodywork  (1 hour session) $90.00

Donna is a Reiki Master with gifted hands and a student of the Breema practice. She holds the energy of the Mother Goddess and uses her gift to bring healing compassion and loving-kindness to those who seek out the experience of “coming home”.

In a private  “one-with-one”  session, you will experience an energetic connection to Divine Feminine energy and find peace & rejuvenation through nurturing hugs and healing essence, using the practices of Reiki and Breema. Your first Breema/Reiki session includes a free 15 minute consultation to review the principles and boundaries set for session and for you to experience a taste of Breema, to determine if this is indeed what you are seeking.

Principles of Session: 

Body comfortable. We look after our self through reflection on body comfortable. If we feel out of alignment, we ask for what it is that would return us back into body comfortable. Practise – asking for what we want / need.

  1. Full participation with no extra. The most natural way to move and live is in full participation. When we express our true nature, nothing extra is needed. We meet this principle when body, mind and feelings are united towards a common aim and we stay present to what is happening here and now.
  2. Single moment / single activity. Each moment is new, fresh and totally alive. Each moment expressed through our true nature is complete in itself. At any moment, we may change our mind and that is encouraged and acceptable here.
  3. Firmness & gentleness with no force. Real firmness is always gentle. Real gentleness is always firm. When we stay present, we naturally manifest firmness and gentleness simultaneously. When we let go of assumptions, we let go of force. Practice –  intuition and Divine guidance.
  4. No judgment. In the atmosphere of non-judgment, we accept our self as we are in this moment. When we come to the present, we experience a taste of freedom and connection to the Divine. Tears and laughter are both welcome here.
  5. Mutual support. The more our Being participates, the more we are able to support life and recognize that Existence and life supports us. Giving and receiving takes place simultaneously. We begin to live our life through and in the flow and support of the Divine.

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    Hi Donna,
    I came here (via soul of the writer) to see your website:

    What deLightful beauty and lovingkindness you share !

    Bright Blessings,
    Marsha – Free Union

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