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Group Learning Events offered by Heart of Being,

in Calgary, Alberta:

Introduction to Your Life Path Numerology and Natural Biorhythm 9 Year Cycle

Are you lost as to how you will make this wondrous and magical year the best one yet?

Do you ask yourself constantly, “Why am I here and what is my purpose”?

Have you ever wondered if life has an actual rhythm that you can “get on” and go with the flow, making life easier?

Numerology is the ancient science of working with numbers, using the date of birth to determine the supposed influence on one’s life and life purpose.

Biorhythms is the science of working with your natural, cyclically recurring biological patterns of physiological and energetic states believed to affect the physical and mental states and behaviour.

Using these 2 sciences together, we will determine your Life Purpose path and the place you are presently experiencing in your own 9 year biorhythm cycle and put them together to determine your plan of action for this wondrous and magical year of 2017.

This 3 hour workshop is experiential and you will come away with an understanding of where you are now and define a plan of action for the year of 2017.

Get on the other side of life happening to you and Start Now, creating the life of ease and happiness you have always desired, on purpose and in the flow…

Class size is limited. Preregistration required to prepare your numerology.

Email Donna Malchuk at:

Register with date of birth: day, month and year.

Workshop fee:  $99.00, payment at the door.  (Get your session free by arranging a group session for up to 4 people at $300.00.)

Sessions held in the CoachHill SW area, address provided on registration.






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