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: Supporting Soul Development through the Human Experience

Are you sleeping?   Are you wasting time?

WAKE UP!!!     This is your Human Experience.

We are spiritual beings having a HUMAN experience. It is a privilege to be here on this Earth at this particular and special time. There are limited available opportunities to be here and you have secured one. What are you doing with your time HERE?

The Heart of Being was created to help you answer these and other questions:

What does it mean to be human at this time?

What exactly is the Human Experience?

Why are we REALLY here?

Why is this particular time so special?

The Heart of Being is here to support your soul development through your human experience. It brings tools and support for you to discover and experience who you really are and guides you to being the BEST that YOU can BE. It helps you create a  foundation that allows you to ground into the human experience so you can let go and flow with life. As spiritual beings, we are encountering life in a human form much like the movie Avatar displays. YOU are not the body, you live in this body. The Earthly plane is a place where we come to experiment and to experience. This plane is not one of perfection and does not require you to be perfect. It is here solely for Soul growth. We are here to learn, to discover our truth and to grow our soul beings. Truth does not occur from belief but through experience.

“The purpose of life is to recreate yourself anew, in the highest version of the grandest vision you ever had about yourself. Challenge your present way of thinking and move into a grander and larger experience of who you really are.”  – Neal Donald Walsch

A New Spiritual Reality

By on February 27, 2016


What if the Being that you are is operating through the person you think you are?  What if that Being takes on many different forms again and again?  What if it loved every incarnation regardless of what the experience held? What if that Being were the first effect of a greater Cause? 

What if that Cause were Intelligence itself?  What if its counterpart were Love?  What if these powers were the two aspects of Life itself and have become the Being that you are?  They are not your parents; they are what you are.

     This Reality perception speaks to the 21st century in a way that the old metaphor cannot.  That was Parental God in the Sky, doling out punishments and rewards as it saw fit.  Thinking people cannot accept that in today’s world.  But we do need a model for Reality that places power inside of us.  Humanity will not make the evolutionary leap it is poised to make without accepting its’ ability to create the world it inhabits.  Things do not happen by willpower; they happen by means of our willingness to see rightly and to judge accordingly.

     Are you willing to leap out of the old-time religious dogma into a more scientifically based spirituality?  Are you willing to claim the Love and Intelligence that you are?  Are you willing to see it in others, especially those who do not have a clue as to their real identity?  Are you willing to rely on Intelligence and Love to guide you, direct you and supply you with everything necessary to promote the evolution of human consciousness? 

Try this:  I am willing to challenge my unbelief. I am willing to be shown who I really am.

Dr. Carol Carnes www.carolcarnes.com

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